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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  July 12, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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up. grace? >> thank you. new this morning, a pedestrian has been killed after apparently trying to cross interstate 280. this is near a freeway ramp in daly city. that's where we find elizabeth wenger live with the very latest. good morning, elizabeth. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. this is the a major off-ramp. right here on northbound 280 in daly city, right where it connects 19th avenue. this is a confirmed fatal accident. investigators have been out here since 3:00. that off-ramp from northbound 280 to 19th avenue is completely shut down. maybe you can see cars going by okay so there are no big backups with this right now and you can continue using northbound 280 to head up into san francisco towards 101. it's that 19th avenue off-ramp that's flared off. it came in as a car versus
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pedestrian earlier. earlier a chp on scene told us this was a possible crime scene but right now it sounds like it was a pedestrian in the road and that's what happened. that's what caused this fatal accident. they gave us an initial opening time of 5 a.m. for when they could hopefully get that off-ramp open but as you can see, it's still closed. i talk to a chp officer a short time ago and they hope to open it any minute. so hopefully this won't be a major impact or cause major problems for the morning commute. right now, as your alternate, use junipero serra avenue or san jose avenue off-ramps as your alternates to get from daly city into san francisco. a lot of slick surfaces as gianna has been mentioning this morning. it is very drizzly out this morning so be extra careful for your morning drive. again this traffic alert still in effect here in daly city, northbound 280. the ramp to 19th avenue completely shut down and we'll let you know as soon as it
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reopens. grace, back to you. >> elizabeth, no estimates of time of when this could be cleared? >> well, initial estimates had said 5:00 but obviously that deadline has passed. i talked to a chp officer on the phone and he told me about 10 minutes ago they hope to get it opened any minute. so we'll have to wait and see. >> thanks a lot, elizabeth, for the latest in daly city. new this morning, a car plowed into a fire station and this happened in san mateo. the accident happened around 10:30 last night at fire station 27 on de anza boulevard. a white gmc yukon slammed into the garage door slamming into the building as well as a reserve fire truck. we have an unconfirmed report that the driver passed out and her teen aged driver tried to take over the steering. they were both taken to stanford hospital. their conditions run known. police are investigating
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whether alcohol was involved. fire officials say that the flames at a daly city elementary school was a case of arson. they say someone set fire to dry weeds in three place surrounding a portable classroom at skyline elementary school. the fire caused heavy damage both inside and outside the building. so far, there are no witnesses and no suspects. this morning, a citizens committee formed to examine bart police issues is holing its first meeting to discuss last week's shooting in which bart officers shot and killed a man at the civic center station in san francisco. that shooting sparked protests at three san francisco bart stations yesterday afternoon. bart says officers opened fire only after the man lunged at them with a knife. bart has now promised to release surveillance video of the incident once the investigation is concluded. a lot of college students
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are going to be finding out today if they will have to come up with more cash for the fall term. anser hassan is in hayward to explain the plan for more tuition hikes. doesn't look good for students, does it? >> no, it doesn't. reporter: for the first time cal state and uc systems will take in more from student tuition and fees than from state funding. later trustees will meet in long beach to vote on a tuition hike. they have to cover $650 million in budget cuts from the state. but here's what it means for students. cal state university tuition schools like this one, cal state east bay, where we're live this morning also see a 12% increase. that on top of a 10% increase from earlier this year. and that increase will be immediate. beginning this fall, it will cost over $5,000 for the fall semester. and it's not just the cal state system. uc schools like berkeley are facing increases, as well.
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it will be the ninth increase in eight years. tuition and fees will be up 9.6%. that means it will cost over $12,000 for the fall term. the state is limited constitutionally as to where they can make budget cuts. using tuition fees as the go-to alternative is one way that they are hoping to make ends meet. this is all happening when cal state trustees will look to vote on a new proposal for the incoming uc chancellor. he will be paid over $400,000 including a car allowance and housing allowance. two hot button issues that the trustees will have to vote on later today in long beach. grace? >> all right, anser hassan in hayward, thanks for joining us this morning. if you are just getting up, you might notice a little precipitation out there, cooler temperatures. kristy, any thoughts that perhaps this could clear up this afternoon? >> you know, it doesn't feel like summertime right now. certainly not this morning. by this afternoon, there is hope we are going to see some sunshine at least in the inland
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spots. but for this morning, doppler is showing us cloud cover for most of the bay area along the coast, the bay and even pushing inland as that marine layer deepens. those clouds are holding tight. a little bit of clearing later on inland. but at the coast good chance of seeing drizzle into the afternoon. temperatures outside right now mild, 55 in vallejo, 55 concord, 53 san francisco, san rafael at 52. 56 fairfield. we'll warm up this afternoon but not a lot. that low pressure holding strong keeping temperatures well below average. 75 is the high in fairfield. 69 for vallejo and fremont. 72 livermore and today pacifica only making it to 58 and breezy at the coast today. we'll have a full look at your extended forecast in a bit but let's go to gianna with a look at traffic. >> thank you. let's head to daly city for live pictures of the scene of this fatal accident northbound 280 at 19th avenue. all lanes still shut down on that connector ramp to 19th
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avenue until further notice for this accident involving a vehicle that hit a pedestrian. we are still waiting to hear from chp as to when the lanes will re-open. we'll keep you updated. in the meantime, your best alternate is junipero serra or san jose avenue. that will get you around the mess in the meantime as this closure continues, 280 towards 101 or 280 north into san francisco still open. elsewhere, 880 both directions not too bad. but we have roadwork reported around oak. so heads up for that. that's still in effect. hopefully they will have that wrapped up at least by 5:30. back to you. >> thank you. just another reason not to light up around your little ones. how smoking can have a serious impact on a child's mental health. plus, there is new fallout from britain's phone hacking scandal. why police are now being probed by lawmakers. and grandpa has a date for
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the call of deliciousness. that's a big 10-4, kosher. no fillers, by-products, artificial flavors or colors. hebrew national. the better than a hotdog, hotdog. daly city, we continue to monitor this traffic alert. we lost our picture binoche 280 is shut down working your way to 19th avenue. we have a wind advisory at the bay bridge. more on that coming right up. grace? >> thank you. the crew of the space shuttle atlantis got an early- morning wake-up call today from mission. ♪ [ music ]
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>> that is matthew west. the crew has a nice wake-up call. nasa has decided to extend their mission by one more day. the extra time will allow the crew to unpack more items from the international space station which they carried up into orbit about the size of a bus. atlantis is now expected to and there in florida a week from thursday concluding the final shuttle mission and we are looking at live pictures of the astronauts. it looks like they are in their full space gear as they work to unload the shuttle pretty cool stuff on their final mission out of the international space station. 5:11. new this morning, a half- brother of afghanistan's president has been shot and killed. this happened at his home in the southern part of the country. he was head of the kandahar council and he had been accused of crimes and was a political
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liability for hamid karzai. investigators say he was killed by a bodyguard who was then gunned down by other bodyguards at the home. a government hearing it planned today in london over the growing phone hack scandal involving british newspapers. at issue, is why london police didn't pursue an investigation two years ago on the rupert murdoch tabloid "news of the world." the controversy forced the paper to cease production. do you use groupon's app on your mobile device? the giant may know more about you than you think. >> forget receipts. how some retailers are sending them to your in box. >> and seeing some low clouds here in the bay area. a little bit of drizzle as you take off out of sfo this morning under a high of 63 degrees. warmer in houston and rain and 20 to 30% chance of thunderstorms. a high of 97 today. and seeing warmer weather as we
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continue to make our way to the east. heading to atlanta, 97 degrees, no rain, mostly sunny skies. we'll have a full look at your bay area forecast coming up. ,,,,,,
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today, california state university regents consider it's 5:15 on this tuesday morning. in the headlines, today
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california state university regents consider another tuition hike for the fall this one on top of one they approved earlier. the new increases are because of new cuts to the state budget. three san francisco bart stations were closed during a protest against a fatal shooting by bart police. today a bart citizens committee will discuss the killing, which happened just last week. and today kidnap victim jaycee dugard's memoir called "a stolen life" is being released. it is about her 18 years in captivity in the backyard in antioch. an ebook and audio book read by dugard will also be available. another cool one here in the bay area doesn't feel like summer at all and we are going to see similar weather for the next several days. out the door this mornings some drizzle at the coast. you may see drizzle across the golden gate bridge. mostly cloudy start in most places including those inland locations. temperatures sitting in the 50s right now. by the afternoon, starting to warm up into the mid-70s in the
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warmest locations. partial clearing there, breezy and cool at the bay shores and at the coast not going to see a lot of -- cloud cover into the afternoon and drizzle there. so not a whole lot of sunshine into the afternoon. cloud cover this morning throughout the bay area pushing into those inland location. it will pull back with partial clearing inland. if you are looking for sunshine today, head inland. the reason we are seeing cool temperatures is this area of low pressure that's holding strong bringing us that breezy weather and moist conditions as well and we'll continue to see that low there for the next several days. temperatures not warming up a lot. temperatures today look like this for highs. 69 for redwood city and for palo alto. also 69 in fremont. 71 as a high in milpitas and 75 for morgan hill. over to the east bay we go we're we see a high of 63 for oakland, 73 for pleasant hill and walnut creek, 57 for
5:18 am
67 for san anselmo, 70 high in novato, 73 napa, 75 fairfield one of our warmer locations and 68 for benicia. your extended forecast showing that cooling trend that's holding strong over the next several days in the workweek. we are really not going to warm up a lot until we hit the end. weekend so we're talking sunday making our way into monday at that point in our warmest spots. we will see some 80s and be closer to where we should be for this time year. that's a look at your weather. over to gianna with a look at traffic. >> chp says all lanes are open north 280 at 19th avenue. again, we are monitoring this accident. it was a fatal accident involving a vehicle that hit a pedestrian. they just reaped all lanes north 280 at 19th -- they just re-opened all lanes north 280 at 19th avenue. no delays and traffic is fine through there. we are seeing speeds around 45 miles per hour as vehicles make the connection there but overall traffic is better in that area north 280 completely open at highway 1. elsewhere in
5:19 am
oakland, 880 northbound not too bad. we have some roadwork near oak but hopefully that will be wrapped up in 10 minutes. south 880 problem-free towards hayward and the san mateo bridge. metering lights are off at the bay bridge toll plaza. nice ride off the eastshore freeway, no delays out of the may see. looking good across the upper deck. watch out for windy conditions as you cross the span. so both hands on the steering wheel. use caution. no delays out of san francisco into oakland. we are dealing with drizzle so slick surfaces out there this morning. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge. still pretty light this morning. no major snags to report here out of marin county. you're clear all the way into san francisco. jumping to the san mateo bridge where traffic is cruising along. right now about a 14-minute ride as you work your way between 880 and 101, foster city and hayward. no major delays to report here and you're clear 101 along the peninsula. everything is on time on the bart, ace, muni metro and
5:20 am
caltrain. to the south bay, everything good along 880/237. and here's a live look at 101 in san jose where traffic is moving along. no major snags to report there. so a nice ride through san jose. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. >> thank you. if you are tired of digging through your wallet to find those old receipts, popular retailers such as nordstrom and gap are including electronic receipts sent to your in box them. say digital receipts are more convenient but some shoppers see this as a ploy by retailers to invade their email boxes. while these concerns may be slammed, consumers also can -- may be valid, consumers also also opt out of spam. grew upon is alerting its 83 million subscribers of changes to its privacy policy. the daily deal site will now collect more information along with location data from those using a mobile device and will
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share it with partner sites like expedia to allow for more targeted deals. and customers can control just how much data is collected. online dating is not just for those youngsters anymore. "usa today" is reporting that older people are the fastest growing group looking for love on the internet. an estimated one out of every six people online on those dating sites is 55 and older. this trend is believed to be the result of more internet- savvy seniors as well as seniors having a tough time meeting people in their own age group. 5:21. forget popping pills. how you can fight the common cold with some positive thinking. it was an ignorant decision. >> a ban backlash. why one restaurant owner is feeling the heat over his no kids policy.
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your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at a new study finds that smoking increases the risk for missing or deformed limbs, clubfoot, researchers have pinpointed birth defects from smoking during pregnancy. a new study finds smoking increases the risk for missing or deformed limbs club foot and gastrointestinal problems. the researchers in london
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recommend stronger warnings about the dangers of maternal smoking. in the u.s., 20% of women under 25 smoke during pregnancy. now, when it comes to treating the common cold, the placebo effect can actually make a difference. researchers at the university of wisconsin gave patients either echinacea pills, placebos or no pills. the patients to took pills got better faster with less severe symptoms record less of which pills they took. we're all familiar with the restaurant sign that reads, no shirts, no shoes, no service. put now an eatery in pennsylvania is saying, no service to customers who have young kids in tow. starting next weekend, mcdane's in monroeville is not going to allow children inside under the age
5:26 am
of 6. >> nothing wrong with babies. it's the height of being impolite and selfish and so i instituted the policy because of the noise. >> there is an opinion. a fu-long-time customers say they will not -- a few long time customers say they will not be back because of that policy but the ownership believes most will support the new rule. 5:26. planning on cutting classes? well, you might want to think again. why playing hooky in one bay area city could cost students serious cash. plus, we're learning more about a bay area teen's mysterious death at a slumber party. how the tragedy is raising concerns about underaged drinking. before you pick your classes for next semester, you may want to check your finances. what a vote later today may mean for students wanting to get to class. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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frank has the morning off. time is 5-- veloping news... good tuesday morning. it's july 12. i'm grace lee. frank has the morning off. we have developing news to tell you about. a pedestrian was killed while crossing 280 in daly city. let's get to gianna, where it looks like they are opening parts of it, aren't they? >> yeah. they just opened all lanes northbound 280 right at 19th avenue. this is video we shot early this morning of this accident.
5:30 am
a vehicle hit a pedestrian. that person may have been trying to cross either the off- ramp or the freeway itself so what happened was all lanes are shut down north 280 at 19th avenue. they have cleared everything out of the road. it was closed for just over two hours for the investigation. but again, this is a pretty major thoroughfare for folks trying to travel into san francisco. so luckily everything was re- opened before the morning commute really got under way here. again, all lanes open north 280 at 19th avenue. now, jumping over to our maps right now, other things around the bay we are seeing some delays starting to build along the altamont pass. some yellow on the sensors indicating speeds less than 40 miles per hour so give yourself some extra time. also seeing the same story through antioch. if you are coming off the antioch bridge not too bad but definitely bogged down hitting hillcrest working your way westbound 4 through antioch. live look at the bay bridge coming up. right now, back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, a car smashes into a fire station in san mateo. the accident happened around
5:31 am
10:45 at fire station 27 at de anza boulevard. the car slammed into the garage door so hard, it caused damage to the building as well as the reserve fire truck inside. we have an unconfirmed report that the female driver passed out and that her teenaged daughter tried to take over the steering wheel. the driver and teen were taken to the hospital. conditions unknown. alcohol may have been involved. arson is identified as a cause of a fire sunday night at a daly city school. officials say someone set fire to some dry weeds in three separate place surrounding a portable classroom at skyline elementary. the fire caused heavy damage inside and outside the building. so far no witnesses or suspects. this morning a bart police review committee will discuss last week's fatal shooting of a man at the civic center station in san francisco. now, this will be the first
5:32 am
meeting of the citizens committee formed after the oscar grant killing by a bart officer. [ chanting ] >> last week's shooting sparked protests at three san francisco bart stations yesterday afternoon. 100 people gathered at civic center station and then moved to two other stations. they demanded that bart disband its police force. bart says officers opened fire after the man lunged at them with a knife. they promise to reveal surveillance video of the incident when the investigation is complete. the reward to help find missing nursing student michelle le is up to $100,000. le's family increased the reward after a fundraiser at a hayward restaurant last friday. family still plans to distribute flyers in hayward tomorrow. it's organizing search parties for friday and saturday. le disappeared may 27 from the
5:33 am
kaiser medical center in hayward. and it's a double whammy for college students. today cal state officials are expected to vote to hike tuition for the second time. anser hassan is in hayward to explain that this comes as one school president is getting a hefty raise and it's causing a lot of backlash, isn't it? >> reporter: a lot of backlash is right, grace. we already know so many students are already working so hard to make ends meet. later today the cal state trustees will vote on a tuition hike. second one already this year, as you mentioned. this they have to cover a $650 million budget cut from the state budget. and they are looking to students to fill the gap. so california state university is like cal state university east bay where we're live this morning. we'll see a 12% increase in tuition costs. that's on top of a 10% increase that was approved earlier this year. and these increases will be immediate. starting this fall semester, it
5:34 am
will cost almost $5,500 per semester. it's not just a cal state system. uc system votes on thursday on their tuition increase. students at schools like berkeley are facing a 9% increase which means they will be paying over $12,000 for the fall term. the students are upset for having to pay more because there's concerns for what it means for hire education. increased tuition costs means less time for things like extracurricular activities, important internships which are often unpaid if students are spending more time working. as students brace for rate increases, cal state trustees will also vote on $100,000 pay increase for this man, elliott her sham. the incoming cam -- hirschman, the incoming chancellor. that includes housing and a car. so two very hot button issues that will be voted later today in long beach.
5:35 am
>> student won't have much time to save money for those tuition hikes? >> reporter: that's right. they will go into effect immediately. so starting this fall semester. >> thank you, anser hassan. let's check your traffic. and kristy has traffic. >> cloud cover along the coast and the bay and also inland. satellite is showing that here. we'll start to see your clouds pulling back for partial clearing inland and at the bay but the coastline could very well continue to see some drizzle into the afternoon. and you have noticed over the past couple days it's the story again today, temperatures well below average for this time year. taking a look at some of those differences in temperatures compared to average ranging between eight and 15 degrees below normal so we should be sitting in the 80s inland.
5:36 am
but certainly not right now. we'll continue to see that cool weather as we make your way into the next several days into the workweek only low and mid- 70s in the warmest spots and cloud cover and drizzle at the coastline. so more of the same weather, i'm afraid. if you like sunshine, you will have to wait until late into the weekend, that's when we finally start to see us warm up and get closer to those numbers that we should be hitting for this time year. sunday and monday breaking into the low to mid-80s where we finally feel like summer again. back to you. >> thank you. a preliminary investigation finds that a 14-year-old santa rosa girl died from alcohol ingestion during a sleepover party. takeimi rao was found dead at her home on sunday morning. the sonoma county sheriff is still awaiting the results of toxicology tests in order to determine the exact cause. but they believe that the girl took vodka from a kitchen cabinet, poured it into a water
5:37 am
bottle possibly mixing it with soda. >> once we find out what's inside the bottle we can investigate. >> three other girls at the party on saturday night also became ill. they were taken to a hospital by the parents but they were not admitted. jaycee dugard's book comes out today. the memoir about her 18 years in captivity is called "a stolen life." dugard was only 11 when she was grabbed off the street near her home in south lake tahoe. she then spent the next 18 years held captive in a backyard near antioch. phillip and nancy garrido pled guilty and will spend the rest of their lives in prison. a private funeral service in palm desert, california, for former first lady betty ford. first lady michelle obama is expected to attend along with former first lady nancy reagan, hillary clinton and her husband
5:38 am
former president bill clinton. ford, the wife of late president gerald ford, died on friday at the age of 93. and another court appearance in london, england today for wikileaks founder julian assange. he is fighting extradition to sweden where he is accused of rape and molestation. assange's supporters say it's politically motivated. an online sales tax war could be headed for the ballot box war. why amazon wants to you have the final say. plus this. >> we might as well do it now, pull off t band-aid. >> takes two to tango. >> the back and forth is getting more heated, but no debt deal in washington. how president obama is turning up the pressure. ,,
5:39 am
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few minutes outside the international space station. this is happening while the space shuttle at these are live pictures of the spacewalk going on right now just outside the international space station. it's happening while the space shuttle atlantis is docked there. the two astronauts who are doing this walk are actually space station residents. also, nasa has decided to extend the shuttle mission by one day. that extra time will allow the crew to unpack more items for the space station which were carried up into orbit. people across the country are dealing with some very excessive heat. it can reach dangerous levels. this weekend nearly two dozen states. as melissa rainey reports, some areas have already seen temperatures well above 100. reporter: >> it's about 105. >> reporter: and forecasters
5:42 am
say that's just the beginning of the heat wave. 23 states remain under heat warnings from oklahoma to connecticut. and from the deep south to the ohio valley. in illinois, a 51-year-old man died sunday due to the excessive heat. his air-conditioner was not working. in oakland, temperatures topped 100 degrees for several days in a row, causing a road to buckle. and in milwaukee, dozens of runners were either hospitalized or treated for heat-related issues during a half marathon sunday. doctors say anyone, no matter what shape they're in, can fall victim to the heat. >> it can be very serious and you can do long-term permanent damage neurologically. your brain cannot function at temperature extremes and so if you get too hot, you can start having problems and you can have long-term damage. >> reporter: high temperature records have already been broken in many states. the heat index could reach 115
5:43 am
degrees in some areas. i'm melissa rainey reporting. >> they are hoping that the heat will break by sometime tomorrow so not too much longer. here in the bay area, though, we are just very unique with this cool misty weather, aren't we, christie? >> we definitely are. doesn't look anything like the picture that we just saw here. it feels more like wintertime. it's certainly overcast. outside now taking a look interest our roof cam, you can see gray skies, can barely make out the pyramid there. this will be the picture for most of you out the door this morning. temperatures mild for the most part in the 50s. definitely seeing a lot of cloud cover out there. if you are driving near the coastline you will see drizzle and you will see some fog, as well. conditions will improve by this afternoon but we are going continue to see drizzle and clouds at the coast. inland there is a little ray of hope. we are going to see mostly sunny skies in those spots keeping it breezy at the shore and at the coastline today. the reason that we are seeing the cloud cover you can see here on satellite that deepening marine layer keeping us cloudy on the bayshore at
5:44 am
the coast and inland. a little bit of sunshine inland today. this area of low pressure holding strong meaning cooler than normal temperatures well below where we should be this time of the year. 71 for cupertino, sunnyvale and milpitas. 76 union city. pacifica only making it to 58 today. 63 oakland. 70 san ramon and danville. warmer in brentwood at 75. in the north bay, only squeezing out one 75-degree reading in fairfield. 70 the high in novato. 63 in mill valley and 60 as a high in the city today. this cooling trend continuing for the next several days in your workweek. and then we finally start to see a little bit of sunshine so there is a ray of hope in sight as we make our way to the end of the weekend and into the start of the next workweek hitting the mid-80s and closer to where we should be this time of the year. that is a look at the forecast. gianna has traffic. >> reporter: just in time for
5:45 am
the weekend. 580-680 pleasanton, traffic is stacking up westbound 580 busy toward the dublin interchange. also looks that way on the altamont pass. as we jump over to our maps right now, we're seeing some yellow on the screen here so traffic sluggish. give yourself some extra time. over to the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights off, traffic very light. no major accidents or problems to report on our bay area bridges. however, pretty windy especially on the bay bridge. so use caution as you cross the span. elsewhere golden gate bridge checking in problem-free but as christie said we are dealing with drizzle this morning. eight minutes southbound 101 to 680. everything clear both directions connecting to 92. on the bridge, traffic moving at normal speeds typical for this time of the morning. both directions no problems between hayward and foster city. they have caltrans signs up
5:46 am
reminding you to slow for the cones so pay attention of that through construction areas. we were monitoring this early- morning fatal accident on 280 at 19th avenue but chp wrapped it up 30 minutes ago and you can see lots of green on our maps so traffic actually moving much better through that portion. getting a little slow through antioch. off the antioch bridge we are seeing extra volume and as you hit westbound 4 that's where we bog down around hillcrest. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. in the headlines, a mother and daughter are in the hospital this morning after their suv slammed into the garage door of a fire station in san mateo last night. no word yet on the cause. former 49ers quarterback joe montana is expected to have a very big business pitch before the santa clara city council tonight. he is hoping to build an entertainment complex near the site for the future 49ers stadium. the half-brother of
5:47 am
afghanistan's president has been shot and killed at his home. ahmed karzai was head of the kandahar provincial council. he was killed by a bodyguard who was then gunned down by other bodyguards at the home. back here at california, pg&e is arguing in legal papers that it should not have to pay settlements to victims of the san bruno pipeline disaster who have sued the company. the "chronicle" reports that the utility says damage to the pipeline was caused by others. the court filing is not specific and the only known activity around the pipeline was a sewer replacement project in 2008. pg&e also says that the blast victims themselves may have been negligent although it doesn't say how. the utility is facing more than 100 lawsuits. an online retailer, amazon, it wants california voters to take its side by opposing that new state tax law. the new state budget calls for
5:48 am
online retailers to collect sales tax on items purchased by californians. that's even if the company has no physical presence in the state. so far amazon has not been collecting the tax it opposes the. instead, the company is pushing for a ballot referendum to overturn it. if 505,000 ballot signatures are gathered, the new sales tax law would be suspended until the election and that would likely not be until february or june of next year. cisco systems is getting ready to cut jobs, as many as 10,000 employees according to bloomberg. that's 14% of its workforce. no word on how many bay area employees could be affected. the san jose-based company is reorganizing amid stiff competition from hp as well as from chinese companies. the big question in washington today: deal or no
5:49 am
deal? president obama and congressional leaders are trying once again today to strike a deal on reducing the nation's deficit as well as raising the debt limit. as joel brown reports, they will meet at the white house this afternoon for a third straight day. >> reporter: president obama wants lawmakers to return to the negotiating table with fresh ideas to tackle the deficit. he will sit down with congressional leaders this afternoon after failing to reach a compromise monday. >> it's not going to get easier. it's going to get harder. so we might as well do it now. pull off the band-aid. eat our peas. >> reporter: both sides agree on roughly $1.7 trillion of the $2.4 trillion in proposed spending cuts but are still at odds over raising taxes. >> it takes two to tango and they are not there yet. >> reporter: the president turned up the pressure rejecting gop plans for a short- term measure. >> we didn't manage our affairs in three-month increments. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner agrees the deal to raise the debt limit must be reached
5:50 am
before next month but is not budging on tax hikes. he says they can't be part of the package. >> the american people will not accept and the house cannot pass a bill that raises taxes on job creators. >> reporter: boehner is under growing pressure from fellow republicans especially new house members who campaigned on promises of lower taxes. democrats on the other hand are vowing to oppose medicare and social security cuts. >> i'm prepared to take on significant heat from my party to get something done and i expect the other side should be willing to do the same thing. >> reporter: the president says failure to reach a deal in time could trigger another recession, possibly throwing millions of more people out of work. joel brown, cbs news. washington. all right. 5:50 now. and arnold schwarzenegger back in the saddle? ist latest hollywood gig since the scandal. plus this. if i was in high school,
5:51 am
that would definitely be a deterrent for me. >> on the hook for playing hooky. the steep fines some bay area students could pay for cutting class. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪
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city council will vote today... on a p in the east bay, if your kids don't show up to school, you could have to pay up. the concord city council will vote today on a plan to crack down on truants. under the daytime curfew, anyone under 18 caught cutting school will be fined $100 for the first offense, then $200 and $500 for the second and third offenses within a 30-day period. >> currently, we don't have an ability to cite or fine anybody for violating that. all we can do is return them back to school and they often
5:54 am
come back again later in the afternoon or earlier in the day when they are still supposed to be in school. >> concord police recently sweat 400 truants off the streets in one week alone. a report found that the connection between cutting class and committing crimes is very small. the man who caused controversy with baggy pants at sfo is getting backing from city hall. a rally is planned at noon today to support a resolution from supervisor malia cohn. 20-year-old deshon marmon was removed from a flight at sfo last month and then arrested. he was accused of refusing to pull up his baggy low riding pants. the president of san francisco's naacp had said marmon was profiled and was a victim of racial injustice. arnold schwarzenegger could soon find out if he can still draw those big crowds to the
5:55 am
theaters. lionscape studios is starring him in "last stand" beginning to shoot in september. his paycheck will be much smaller than from another movie he was signed on to shoot next year. however, that movie was delayed specifically because of the scandal involving schwarzenegger's former housekeeper. 5:55 now. and, you know, we have busy traffic today. misty weather. a lot going on, on this tuesday. >> a lot going on. it's due to the weather. drizzle and cool and it won't change for the next few days. today only in the mid-70s in the warmest locations for the rest of the workweek and warming up finally hitting the 80s by the end of the workweek and into the start of next week. and since it's all ladies here today, i had to go ahead and take advantage of a cute dog photo. this is sent in by a viewer.
5:56 am
>> thanks for sending that in to us. if you have cute photos, send them to us at >> that dog is sleeping right now. >> exactly. wish i was a dog. [ laughter ] >> the bay bridge not a bad choice. metering lights are off, looking good approaching the toll plaza. wind advisory in effect. also starting to see traffic loading up on the altamont pass so give yourself some extra time. >> you said your dogs are probably sleeping in, too. >> for sure. thank you. 5:56. in the next half hour neighbors are worried about toxic dust but a controversial makeover for a naval shipyard is take a big step forward. plus, pulling out all the stops to find michelle le. the new reward and her family's plans to step up the search this week. firefighters in san mateo get a big jolt when a car comes
5:57 am
crashing into their firehouse. we are live here with the very latest. a vote later today may decide which college students get to class and who stayed home. we'll explain what is at stake just ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,
5:58 am
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and get that techron stuff. my ears flop around too. check it out. [ male announcer ] your car takes care of you, care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. it's hard work; i need a nap. hospital. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. an suv slams into a peninsula fire station. the crash that sent the driver and her daughter to the hospital. college students are crying unfair as cal state schools prepare to raise tuition once again. why one president's salary is sparking outrage. good tuesday morning. it's july 12. i'm grace lee. frank has the morning off. we're still here for you to give you a check of traffic and weather and kristy, when is this going to clear out? can we see some warmer temperatures? it's july. >> i know